Dubai authorities will confiscate cars that violate traffic rules.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority will punish car owners and confiscate vehicles – both cars and trucks – that violate traffic rules. The agency has signed an agreement with Emirates Parkings.

It is specified that the sanctions will apply to all rule-breaking loaded or empty light and heavy vehicles and trailers, including mobile caravans, autocafes, boats and bicycles, which will be found on the streets.

Earlier, the department completed the automation and repair of the public parking machines. They are equipped with touch screens that allow for vehicle data entry and electronic ticketing, as well as text messages to cell phones using the mParking system.

The new agreement with Emirates Parkings will fine-tune the vehicle impounding process and the sharing of information about violations. The system also maintains records on the sale of impounded vehicles from the auction. It is worth recalling that Emirates Parkings operates the impound sites.

The agreement provides for the procedure of returning the vehicle to the car owner. Thus, if the seizure was due to a technical malfunction, the driver will be able to pick it up after fixing it and paying all fees associated with the seizure.

As previously reported, thousands of drivers in Dubai received fines for traffic violations after other motorists complained to the police. Police said that all complaints from residents of the emirate are thoroughly checked, including through CCTV cameras.

Policemen also contact violators by phone and send them warnings before issuing fines. However, if the violation is reported after hours by a police officer, the fine is issued immediately. Officers urge the public to actively use the app to protect the lives and safety of road users.

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