A Holocaust survivor was shown a Torah scroll in a Dubai museum.

The private “Crossroads of Civilizations” museum in Dubai presented a Torah scroll that survived the Holocaust. The exhibit was timed to coincide with International Holocaust Remembrance Day and was intended to help combat Holocaust denial in the Middle East region.

Israel has sought to promote understanding of Judaism among its new allies since the 2020 Abrahamic agreement and normalized relations with the UAE, Bahrain and then Morocco and Sudan through U.S. mediation.

The UAE embassy in Washington, D.C., previously reported that the study of the Holocaust will be included in the school curriculum in the United Arab Emirates. “Following the path of the historic Abrahamic Accords, the UAE elementary and secondary school curriculum will now include the Holocaust,” the diplomatic office said in a statement.

The Emirates will become the first Arab state to incorporate Holocaust studies into its national curriculum. The curriculum is being developed by IMPACT-se Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, an Israeli NGO in cooperation with the UAE Ministry of Education.

The United Arab Emirates has been a leader in peace and tolerance education in the region for several years.

The Holocaust was the culmination of thousands of years of anti-Semitic hatred, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in a video message marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Today we mourn not only the six million Jews, but also the Roma and Sinti, people with disabilities and countless others who died,” the UN chief said. – We reflect on the millions of lives cut short, the millions of people whose future was stolen from them.

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