The construction of a 93-kilometer highway with climate control was announced in Dubai.

Dubai has announced the construction of a 93-kilometer climate-controlled highway for walking and biking called THE LOOP. It is expected that it will be used by up to 3 million people on foot or on two-wheelers.

The project was announced by the sustainable architecture company URB. Thanks to it, residents and visitors of the emirate will be able to move around the city on foot or by bicycle throughout the year and not get exhausted from the summer heat.

According to the Dubai Plan 2040, more than 80% of the emirate’s residents will commute to work by bicycle. THE LOOP project will be powered by renewable energy sources, the transport will also produce no emissions.

The construction of the 20-minute city is a new phase of Dubai’s ambitious urban development plan through 2040. As part of its implementation, city residents will be able to meet 80% of their daily needs by traveling to them in 20 minutes: on foot, by bicycle or by environmentally friendly bus.

For these purposes, 55% of the population of the emirate should live within 800 meters of public transport or metro stations. It is around them that integrated service centers with all the necessary amenities will be created.

The 20-minute city includes four major centers. The neighborhood center will be next door, a five-minute walk from where most neighborhood residents live. It will include retail stores, a local mosque, a smart police station and a neighborhood park.

The community center will be a 10-minute walk or bike ride away. It will house a kindergarten, playground, health clinic, elementary school, community park, retail space and a Friday mosque.

The district center will be accessible in 15 minutes on foot – by bicycle or bus. They will include a high school, a medical center, a co-working center, a neighborhood park and a shopping center.

Finally, the sector center will be within 20 minutes of most neighborhood residents – accessible by bike or bus.

The sector center will be a 20-minute walk, bike or bus ride away. It will consist of a public services center and library, a festive prayer area, a hospital, a police station and civil defense area, a co-working hub and a park.

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